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Core Features Overview

Building Plans

This is a virtual schematic representation of your physical building showing the location, building, floors, doors, and access points, also called readers. There are no limits when creating building plans, you can have as many as you need.

The creation of several building plans to have a better overview or to make a strict separation is as possible as the renaming of any object.

Access Plans and Access Groups

Access plans are assigned to staff, members or visitors.

With just a few clicks, you can activate / deactivate the doors in an access plan for which an access authorization has to take effect. People who are given this access plan will not be allowed to access any of the deactivated doors, in the same access plan.

In contrast to the access plan, you can configure up to 8 access groups per person. Access plans will contain general access regulations and access groups will contain special access authorizations, all in addition to the access plans.


You have the "Employee" access plan. The doors "main entrance" and "driveway" are created and activated in this plan. All your employees can be assigned in this plan. The IT / Technical department is also a part of your "Employee" access plan, which also requires access to the server room. However, this server room is not activated in the "Employee" access plan because not every employee can enter it. In this case, you can now give the people from IT / technical department the access group "server room" and these people now have access to the "server room", the "main entrance" and the "driveway" in addition to the " employee "access plan.

Access Profiles

Access profiles are the backbone of time-controlled access. In an access profile, you set from when to when the persons should have access. For example, from 07:00 to 19:00, and you get to specify the actual days of the week. Outside these times, access will be denied.

Access profiles can be stored for each door and are assigned to an access calendar that will run throughout the year.

Access calendars

You can either store an individual access profile for each day or assign access profiles to the calendar according to a template.

For example, you can choose to store the access profile "07:00 to 19:00" from Monday to Friday, "09:00 to 13:00" on Saturday and to deny access completely on Sundays.

Moreover, you can set in the access calendar whether the stored access profile should be used on public holidays or whether access is not permitted on public holidays.

Visitors and Guests

Our visitor management module enables you to register visitors in advance, record the most important bio data about your visitors, as well as the estimated time of arrival and exit.

You can then give your reception staff the opportunity to access this data directly when the visitor arrives which facilitates quick issuance of visitor badges and controlled access to your premise.

A contact person details and, if necessary, a license plate number can also be stored with the visitor, until a point in time when the visitor ID is no longer valid.

Visitors get separate access plans and can therefore only move in the rooms that are activated in that visitor access plan.

Access times of visitors are automatically documented in the software and can be evaluated at any later time. You can also make corrections if a visitor forgot to log out.

Gate monitor

The gate monitor is intended for the reception area and enables access to the most important functions relating to access for visitors.

These functions range from creating visitors to assigning a visitor plan and printing out an ID. In addition, the status of a door can be viewed, ie, whether open or closed, and opened remotely.

Attendance check

With the presence check you can see in real time who is currently in the building or who is marked as "absent".

However, this functionality is not compatible with all hardware components and requires an exit reader.

Door open alarm

If supported by the door or gate, you can see which doors are open with our software. Whether this view is up to date depends on the door sensors used and the access hardware components.

Set a minimum length of time that a door must be open at least before it is even displayed as open. You can also receive an email notification about the door status.


An extension of the access control is possible at any time. Regardless of whether you want to connect additional doors or gates, or a new hall that should also be secured with access, we are always at your side to help you with this implementation.

RFID / pin code / fingerprint

We offer you access hardware that works with either RFID technology, pin code or fingerprints. These options may be combined to obtain two-factor authentication (2FA).

They are for both indoor or outdoor use and with options of wired or wireless connection. Check our hardware area or contact us directly for more information.

We have Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, Mifare DESFire, Legic Advant, Legic Prime, Unique EM4102 / 4200, Hitaq1 / 2 / S, ISO Tags, Nedap, SimonsVoss, ETSI, HID and more. In most cases you can continue to use your existing RFID transponders with our system.

Permanent opening

You can save a so-called "permanent open profile" for each door. For example, you can leave the main entrance door or the entrance gate permanently open during normal business hours from 08:00 to 17:00. without anyone having to authenticate to access.

However, different times may be entered per day so that the entrance gate is not open on the weekend, for example.

Anti-pass back

With the anti-pass back function, you realize that RFID cards or PIN codes or, to put it simply, people cannot re-enter an area before they have left it properly.

Anti-pass back is often used in sensitive areas and prevents an RFID card or transponder from being passed on. If a person enters the area secured with anti-pass back, their RFID card or transponder is blocked from re-entering this area until they have exited themselves out at the exit reader of the area. Only then does the RFID transponder gain access to the anti-pass back area again.

Alarm system

Depending on the hardware and alarm system, we support the connection of burglar alarm systems (EMA) and fire alarm systems (BMA).

For example, some RFID transponders can be authorized to arm and disarm an EMA / BMA. Optionally with a PIN.


In addition to wired RFID, PIN and fingerprint readers, we also offer solutions that work with radio frequency. This saves you the expensive rebuilding of doors and laying cables.

Together with our partners we have solutions starting with complete offline systems that replace the door lock or cylinder to online systems with fittings and door monitoring.

Check our hardware area or you are welcome to contact us directly. We will find the right solution for your needs.


If activated, access bookings are stored in the database and can be evaluated afterwards.

Available filter functions are by location, building, floors, doors, as well as time and date ranges are possible separate from filter by staff, visitors, and members.

Remote opening

With just a few clicks, you can open doors remotely from our software.

Combined with permission profiles in the software, you can allow selected people to use this functionality.

What is good software without good hardware?

Together with our partners, we have implemented all the functions that our software offers you. Benefit from over 10 years of experience in the field of access and access control.

ZK Teco: A company that is active on 6 continents and offers a wide range of products in both areas of Access Control and Time Attendance. Some of their products include standalone access devices, access boxes, RFID readers with fingerprints, barriers, turnstiles and much more.

Datafox GmbH: A German manufacturer of Time Attendance and Access Control devices that stand out for outstanding quality and a high degree of customization.

Assa Abloy: It is well known for its locks, cylinders, wireless access solutions and the “effeff” brand.

Other modules ...

Because of the modular structure of our software you have the option of integrating additional modules at any time.

Time attendance

As the main module, Time Attendance offers you the opportunity to create and manage staff in addition to recording and tracking their clock in and clock out times and all bookings.

Personnel planning

With our Web Personnel Planning module, you can plan your employees quickly and easily. Assign tasks or projects and allocate them to shifts. Learn more about Personnel Planning.

Cost Centers and Projects

Track the amount of time worked on Cost Centers or let your employees work Projects and Activities. This facilitates you to always keep an eye on the times and costs spent on your projects.


Access control hardware

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