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An automatic shift recognition depending on time clocked in, ensures that your employees are always assigned a shift. Whether early, late, night, or intermediate shifts.

Alternatively, you have the option of permanently assigning shifts and, if for any reason your employee does not fall into this shift, you will receive a notification from the software after which you can make a modification. In addition, you can plan your employees further using our web-based Personnel Planning module. You can find out more about here


There are five different types of breaks that can be configured. These are then added to a shift as desired, you can have up to a maximum of four breaks per shift.

Regardless of whether your employees book for breaks, or they should be automatically deducted, with our time attendance, the breaks are automatically deducted from normally worked times, time worked on projects, cost centers and overtimes as configured.

Further, you could deactivate subtraction of the breaks from projects when not needed.

Surcharges / Overtimes

You can create custom overtimes to run for night shifts, Saturday, or Sunday, on Public Holidays or any other industry specific.

Our Time Attendance enables creation of customized surcharges that can be linked to macros that execute conditionally.


From time to time, mistakes in clocking in / out are bound to happen. For example, employees forget to clock in / out. There are two ways our Time Attendance handles this, first, the user in charge from Huma Resource can make corrections or the employees can make the corrections through a correction request that has to be approved before taking affect.

You can add / delete clock ins, overwrite account values, eg, if overtime is to be paid out, assign a different daily program or break, and much more.


This is a module within Time Attendance which offers you the opportunity to configure and conditionally execute more complex accounting / mathematical routines. It provides you with platform to create conditions and corresponding functions / actions to be executed when the conditions are met. This will influence normal billing to achieve the results you need.

Macros offer endless possibilities for customized individual billing methods. And of course, we are helping you to set this up.


Time Attendance offers you more than 28+ reports and lists. You can use most of them as designed or you can also create your own templates. The templates can then be used again and again. Are you missing a specific evaluation that you may like to use? Then let us know. We are happy to respond to your wishes.

Web based

100% web based. This means that you use our software with your existing web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and many more.

There is no need to install the software on individual workstations, instead you can access the software from anywhere provided you have internet access. This is an optimal solution, especially for home office.


You decide who from your employees, preferably from within the Human Resource Department, can use which functions from the Time Attendance. There are read and write permissions, which can be set for each menu item.

You can also assign a location, department or cost center to your user to manage. After that the user will be able to see data from employees in the assigned areas only.

Multiple companies

Our Time Attendance allows you to strictly separate your companies' data with by allowing you to create multiple companies in a single installation. Each company has its own access permissions and data. At no point in time is data from one company visible in another.

However, if you do not want to be separate by companies, you can assign the employees in a single company locations, departments and cost centers for better categorization.

Payroll Interface

We offer you default wage interfaces for: Datev, Sage, SAP, and other accounting software. In addition to payroll interfaces, we also offer flexible interfaces, eg to any other ERP software that you may be using.

We can create an interface for any other payroll / accounting programs depending on your requirements. You only need to let us know what you need from our time attendance, and in what data format.

Record time, see how easy it is!

"Self Service" for your employees

This is an employee portal, where your staff have a quick overview of their own working hours, submit holiday requests, fill in overtime requests and view their own monthly report.

The employee portal includes the option of making online clock in / out, for example, using the Web Terminal to make clock in / out and includes the display panel. With the display panel you have a real-time overview of which employees are currently present, absent and have not yet appeared at work. Also perfect for home office.

Other modules ...

Because of the modular structure of our software you have the option of integrating additional modules at any time.

Cost Centers and Projects

Track the amount of time worked on Cost Centers or let your employees work Projects and Activities. This facilitates you to always keep an eye on the times and costs spent on your projects.

Personnel planning

With our Web Personnel Planning module, you can plan your employees quickly and easily. Assign tasks or projects and allocate them to shifts. Learn more about Personnel Planning.

Access Control

With the All in One Software (EA) Ltd Web Access Control, you can now manage access to your buildings, floors, rooms, gates, barriers, turnstiles, turnstiles and much more. Our Access Control uses the same database with Time Attendance, which means you do not need to create your employees' bio data again. Find out more on our Access Control page the advantages and extensive functions that we offer you.


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