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With more than 10 years of experience and over  30 customers, we offer you a variety of Software and Hardware solutions in the fields of Time Attendance and Access Control. All our software modules have been 100% web-based since 2016.

WEB Time Attendance

Professional time attendance applicable across various industries. Installation is quick and easy. Operation of the software is user-friendly. Interfaces to a vast number of payroll solutions are available.


WEB Access Control

Remotely control and monitor access to entrances of your buildings, floors, and rooms with our system. Our solution provides you with a web-based platform of creating a virtual representation of the physical structure (Building Plan)


WEB self-service

Paperless communication between employees and management. Requests for vacation, overtime and clock in / out corrections are simply made and approved in the workplace. The Self Service includes a browser mask and a personal check.


WEB Personnel Planning

Effective and sensitive personnel planning for economic activity and competitiveness are essential. A transparent planning of the shifts is a motivation for the employees, promoting the profitability of the company. With Time Attendance and Personnel Planning.


WEB Project Management

Profitability takes high priority in every company. Put an end to the mess of paper. An electronic solution to project recording provides a real-time overview of how far from completing your project is and the cost summaries.


Mobile app

Are your employees stationed in various physical locations? Do your employees report on duty at different workstations from time to time? Worry not, our Mobile App provides a solution for clocking in / out from any geographical location



With over 10 years of experience in software development, having specialized in Time Attendance and Access Control, we offer you the necessary expertise to provide and implement solutions for your requirements. All to your satisfaction.


Local installation
This is the classic approach, where you install our web-based software locally on your own server. All data is therefore saved and stored on your network. With this, you have full permissions to the installation.

However, even from your network, you can still offer your employees the opportunity to clock in / out from home or on the go, using either our Web Terminal or the Mobile App respectively.

This method has a one-time acquisition cost and an optional service contract at a percentage of the initial cost, paid annually. We recommend the software maintenance contract as it includes Telephone & E-Mail support as well as updates.
With this method, you do not need your own server. In addition, you save administrative costs for running and maintaining a server and associated human resources. You only have a one-time acquisition cost for the software and low hosting costs. You don't need to worry about data backups or software updates, we'll take care of that for you! In addition to guaranteed failure safety, you can access and use the software from anywhere in the world over the internet via a web browser.

Our servers are in a data center in Germany, which is ISO 27001 certified, data protection compliant, highly reliable with a guaranteed fast connection. In addition, you have Telephone, E-Mail support and updates included.


Our server


Cloud subscription
Software-as-a-Service (Saas) - The trend
Subscribe to our software completely. We install and maintain the software on our cloud servers. You can access it from anywhere over the internet. You save the costs for owning your own server, electricity, maintenance, hardware and have low running costs and a very affordable one-time acquisition cost.

Our servers are in a data center in Germany, which is ISO 27001 certified, data protection compliant, highly reliable with a guaranteed fast connection. In addition, you have Telephone, E-Mail support and updates included.

All our packages include installation service, free Telephone & Email support for up to 2 months. After this free period, you have the option of signing up for a maintenance contract with us at any time. This maintenance contract includes support by Telephone & E-Mail and software updates. If you do not know which model would be best for you or are you interested in a maintenance contract, let us know. Together we will find the perfect solution.



Does All in One Software (EA) Ltd have its own development?

Yes, we have had our own development team for more than 10 years. Each team member underwent a robust assessment on basis of both technical and inter-personal abilities and skills respectively before recruitment. The team is specialized in Microsoft technologies, web applications as well as development on both iOS and Android platforms.


Is my data safe on the All in One Software (EA) Ltd Cloud?

Yes. In addition to the ISO 27001 certification of the data center in which your data is hosted, neither the data center operator nor third parties have access to your data. Only a small number of our staff have access to your data after prior consultation with you. Of course, we will never pass on your data.


What should I do if I have any questions or problems?

Depending on whether you have an Easy or Professional version, you will receive up to 2 months of free support via Telephone & E-Mail included.

If you have decided on our cloud solution or a maintenance contract, you do not have to worry about further costs for our support.

You can contact us by phone +254 (0) 709 199 000, by email ( or via our Support form.


What differentiate the All in One Software (EA) Ltd from other providers?

A lot. Starting with the ability to customize our software for you the way need, through constant further development, we associate with well-known hardware manufacturers as partners, and we can integrate our software with different accounting programs which you can change yourself based on the macros as you know them from Microsoft Excel.

Our own support team, personal contacts and fair prices complete our offer.