Self service

The Employee Portal
Web-based requests

With the employee portal, your staff get a quick overview of their working hours, submit vacation requests, fill in overtime requests and view their monthly report.

Each reason for absence from Time Attendance can be requested for in Self-Service, and each absence can have its own Approval Structure. An Approval Structure is where you decide if an employee is allowed to be away from work or not. The requests can be sent to the immediate supervisor and then after his / her approval it goes to a higher management level, or directly to both or just one of the two!

You can have up to 6 decision makers per structure. Each decision maker can have up to 4 representatives who can approve in his / her absence.

Both decision makers and requesters receive a notification by email. Self-service is available at any time and from anywhere when your staff have internet access.


The requester

Provides essential functions for an applicant. Applicants can only view their own worked times, accounts, and calendars, but cannot change them. Changes or additions can only be made with the help of applications which, depending on the applicant's permission profile, they must be first approved before they take effect.

Absence requests

Let your employees submit requests for vacation / leave, business trips and any other absences that you may have created in the time attendance.


Employees may from time to time work longer than the bare minimum required. When this happens, time attendance can be configured such that the employees have to make applications for the same. These are to be approved by their line managers or immediate supervisors before they are allocated.


Mistakes happen. Sometimes you forget a booking, sometimes you forget to book completely. With self-service, you can enable your employees to correct these errors directly. Whether in the form of a request that must be approved or without, that's up to you.

Monthly Report

Every user who is allowed can view his own monthly report, as well as defined accounts such as remaining vacation / leave days, overtime, and others.

The Decider

A decision maker, usually a department head, a line manager or the superior or the management, can accept or reject submitted applications. If applications are accepted, they are entered directly in the time attendance, you do not have to do anything else. In addition to the same functions as applicants, decision-makers have a few more functions that they can use.

Monitor Decision Maker

To see requests that the decider must approve, we have created the monitor for deciders. In this you can see all the requests with the necessary information conveniently and at a glance, so you can decide on the request.

Monthly Report and Accounts

A decider can view monthly reports and accounts of persons assigned to him and have an overview of overtime and vacation / leave days, for example.

Department Calendar

To make sensitive decisions about absence requests made, the decider can see the employees of this department and their requests for vacation, for example, as well as already approved and registered absences in the department calendar.


Every application made, regardless of whether accepted or rejected, is recorded. You can view these logs from here at any time. This enables you to process vacation requests for overtime and other absences in a completely paperless way.

Web terminal

Make your Come, Go, Break, Project, and Cost Center clock ins / clock outs remotely using a browser.

Personal check

A graphical representation showing in real time which of your employees is present, absent or has not reported to work.

Mobile app

The mobile solution for time attendance. Record times from anywhere, optionally with GPS coordinates.



In addition to the self-service, the web terminal and the personal check are available free of charge!

Notebook ITerm
Web terminal

from every PC or Notebook

Make your come, go, break, project and cost center bookings from anywhere using the browser.
Personal Check
Personal check

Presence and absence

A graphic representation shows you in real time which of your employees is present or absent and who has not yet appeared.
Mobile app

Available for ios & Android

The mobile solution for time recording. Record your times from anywhere. Optional with GPS coordinates.
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