Are you looking for a reliable partner for time management or access control?

We support you with sales. We would be happy to go through your inquiries with you and offer you or your customer a suitable solution. The decision whether you want to take over the order processing or us is entirely up to you.

If the order is successfully completed, you will receive your share of the sales and that also for every further sales through this customer! Regardless of what you choose, we take care of the support for our products. You have no additional work and can devote yourself fully to your tasks.

Expand your portfolio free of charge with our products and benefit from over 7 years of experience in software development in the field of time management and access control.

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Revenue sharing

You will receive your share of the sales upon successful completion of the order. If desired, we take over the complete order processing for our products. This way you have no additional work and still receive your share of the sales and that also for every further sales through this customer!

Expansion of your portfolio

Time recording, project recording, personnel planning, self-service, smartphone app, access control and more. We are happy to help you with the marketing and sales optimization of our products.

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Ready to use quickly

Thanks to our cloud solution, we can provide fully functional time recording after just one working day. But a local installation can also be implemented quickly with little effort.

Demo version

You get permanent access to a demo version on our cloud server, to which you have 24x7 access.


Because our software is only installed on one server, it can be accessed from any workstation. Installation on a new client is therefore not necessary.

Installation, training & support

The installation as well as the training run directly through us. We install our software and train the customer in how to use our software. Subsequent support also runs directly through us.

Modern hardware

Hardware that meets the latest requirements. In addition to LAN (PoE), WLAN, USB and LTE, our hardware also offers you a high level of customization, such as your own icons on the touch displays of the time recording devices or an illuminated company logo on the time recording and access devices.

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Are you a software developer?

Are you looking for a suitable time recording or access control that fits your software?

Automatic interfaces

Automatically export or import .CSV files.

API connection with JSON

Use our API to receive desired returns or requests in JSON format or to send us yours.

Special programming

Do you need special functions directly in our software or do you want a customized interface? We would be happy to expand our software to meet your requirements.

Are you an electrician?
For small and large installations of our hardware, we are looking for partners nationwide who can assemble our hardware after instruction and wiring plans.
Access hardware

We also offer suitable hardware for our access software. To assemble this hardware, we are looking nationwide for partners who can assemble it. Of course, you will receive wiring plans as well as instruction and ongoing support from us. We take over the connection of the hardware to our software.

You have questions?
No problem. Feel free to contact us and we will clarify all your questions in a personal conversation and also present our software solutions to you.