Access Control Hardware/Terminals

Access reader + Access box (wired)

The wired version is divided into biometric, contactless and PIN readers

The classic. There is an RFID reader on all doors or gates where access is to be secured. This is wired to an Access Control box in the secure interior. This Access Control box manages the access logic and uses the data from Krutec WEB access to decide which persons, members or guests are  allowed access and who are denied access. This solution is best suited for new buildings or when cabling is already available or can be retrofitted with little effort.

Perfectly suited for many doors, external doors and due to the distance between the access reader and the access box (approx. 1000m), Several Access readers can be connected to one access box (depending on the equipment).

Access Control reader + Access Control Terminal (Wired - Standalone)

A single device controls the door

In front of the door or gate there is a single access terminal that serves both as an RFID access reader and as an access box. The cabling is routed to this access terminal, door opener, network cable and electricity. This solution is best suited if you want to secure a few doors with access and, if necessary, network cables are already close to the door. These access terminals are also controlled with the Krutec WEB access and receive their logic from our software.

Knobs & Fittings (Wireless)

The wireless version for online and offline operation

Offline (Completely Wireless): Knobs & fittings work completely via a replaceable battery that holds around 20,000 openings. 75% less electricity costs than comparable door locks with cabling. Each knob & fitting is assigned to a door and the logic of which person has access is hidden in encrypted form on the RFID transponders. With this method, the RFID transponders are written to via a USB reader, for example on the reception or administration PC. This variant is best suited if you have no cables on the doors and you are not considering them or if it is not possible on site. There are also fittings for exterior doors, fire doors and even with a PIN keypad.

Online (partially wireless):
This variant differs from the offline variant only in the point that the knobs & fittings form a so-called. Spark hub. This hub can control up to 8 knobs & fittings and is located within approx. 10m range of the knob or fitting. The hub itself is connected to a network cable with data and Power supplied (PoE). If the knob or fitting recognizes an RFID transponder, it transmits its unique number to the hub, which communicates with the Krutec WEB access software and sends the appropriate signal back to the knob based on the settings in our software to “grant access” or “deny access” or fitting. This happens within approx. 1 to 2 seconds.

Barriers, Turnstiles and much more

Control existing access control devices with the Krutec WEB Access software

With our software and hardware, we are able to control barriers, turnstiles, turnstiles, gates, roller doors and much more. Regardless of whether it is about existing barriers or turnstiles that we have newly ordered. Lock function and anti-pass back are just two of the possible functions. For such situations Benefit from over 25 years’ experience advising and check all the likes of us find together for your requirements the best solution.

Wide range Antennas (UHF Long Range)
(UHF Long Range)

The wide area windows enable quick door / gate opening for cars / trucks / forklifts and more.

As with the “access reader + access box” variant, the wide-range antennas are more likely to be found at entrances where, for example, a roller door opened automatically should be when a vehicle with a suitable RFID transponder approaches. Depending on the equipment, distances of up to 10m can be achieved at which the wide-range antennas can detect vehicles in a certain sector. The access box installed in the safe area in turn checks whether the vehicle is authorized and accordingly enables the door opening or not. Another area of application are forklifts approaching a roller door, here too a wide-range antenna can open the roller door without the forklift driver having to get off.

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